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Developing Leaders and Teams from the Inside Out

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Executive & Leadership Consulting Services

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Worksite Wellness and Inside Out Health Action Plan (HAP)

What does it mean to be well and cultivate well-being from the inside out?*

                    Personal Wellness Programs

                    Feldenkrais Learning Method and Move Inside Out Workshops



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Affiliate Programs for Educational Leadership

Inside Out Ventures and After Cool Outdoors* join forces to create indoor/outdoor team building and other professional development programs tailor made for teachers, administrative staffs, and students.

1 Day Programs (On-site) - Start the school year or re-enter the second semester energized, engaged and ready to go. 

Multiple Day Programs (Off site) - Immerse your team or staff in an experience that will energized and cultivate team synergy and set a clear course for success.

4-5 Day Outdoor Learning Programs for Students focus for upcoming learning cycles (quarters or semesters) by getting out in Nature.  Activities include, low ropes elements, team building and communication, eco-challenges, and academic learning session.

* After Cool Outdoors Community Building in the Great Outdoors  

ACO offers single day to multi-day experiential learning trips throughout the state of Arizona.   Outdoor problem-solving challenges will be integrated throughout the program to address many of the aspects of building a community or team.  The activities are physically and emotionally safe and do not require any special physical abilities.  Creative Problem-Solving techniques will be used to draw out the participants’ creativity and apply it to real issues.  There will be discussion and dialogue for large and small groups and reflection time for individual learning.  These trips are beneficial for new teams as well as existing teams.