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Inside Out Ventures

Developing Leaders, Teams, and Families from the Inside Out

Why Inside Out Ventures? 

At Inside Out Ventures, we are focused on strengthening leaders - how they lead themselves and their teams whether in business, education, or families.  Using a combination of proven models, inventories, and leading-thought principles, our team of facilitators will skillfully call forth and help cultivate the greatness within every client.


To develop leaders, teams, and families

to build the future well.


Provide transformational educational and coaching 

experiences that empower compassionate,  

highly effective people to lead well.

We honor our developing leaders where they "are" and build on their individual talents, knowledge, and strengths in ways that are supportive, effective, and transformative. Invest in your own professional excellence and that of your organization, school, or family.   

Team Inside Out

Celeste J. Ross, MA

Founder, Lead Consultant and Educator 

Kolbe Certified™ Consultant and Kolbe Youth Specialist™ 

Celeste is the founder and owner of Inside Out Ventures, LLC.  For over 25 years Celeste has been combining her skills and talents as an educator, facilitator, and licensed Kolbe® Consultant, with a focus on the instinctual strengths of the individuals and teams she serves.   In addition to her degrees, Celeste holds certifications in  Feldenkrais® Learning Method and Somatic Education, Montessori Secondary I Education, CranioSacral Therapy and Integrative Nutrition.  Over the years, Celeste has worked with a variety of learning populations, from infants to elders.  Her talent lies in empowering leaders, executives, educators and families to lead, work, and live well.  

Chandon Sherwood Thorell 

Senior Consultant (and resident fun-builder)

Kolbe Certified™ Consultant & Kolbe Youth Specialist™  

After graduating from Notre Dame and spending several years working as an architect, Chandon, spent ten years teaching, consulting or directing Villa Montessori Middle School, in Phoenix, Arizona.  His presentation, organization and system building skills, are presently sought after by several Middle School administrative teams and programs in the Phoenix area and as the Director of Outdoor Education in alliance with Camp Pinerock in Prescott, AZ. A lover of the outdoors, Chandon heads his outdoor education company, After Cool Outdoors, leading students in outdoor education programs and adventure trips.  Leadership, humor, patience and belief in each person’s ability to achieve are Chandon’s signature characteristics in consulting and facilitating with students and staff ...and as always with Chandon, fun is the order of the day.

Jennifer Moyer, M. Ed 

Consultant & Educational and Restorative Practice™  Trainer

Jen began her career in Education as a certified health and physical education teacher. For over 25 years she has been educating students ages 2-18 in the classroom, the gym, and through outdoor and adventure education programs. A champion of student advocacy, Jen believes in educating "the whole child" and now specializes in helping students and teachers realize the positive outcomes of social and emotional education. A natural motivator with a passion for personal wellness, she encourages the use of a positive attitude to affect change. Jen skillfully blends physical activity and play with creative problem solving, as well as face to face communication skills and small group challenges to facilitate community building for students and staff, personal wellness for young adults, and self-care seminars for teachers.  She is also a licensed trainer for the International Institute for Restorative Practices for introduction restorative practices and circles training. 

Jen Williams, M. Ed; M. RP 

Consultant & Educational  and Restorative Practice™  Trainer

Jen has over 15 years experience working with children in a school setting.  She earned a BA of Psychology from Susquehanna University and has her Masters of Education from Villanova University and Masters of Restorative Practices from the International Institute for Restorative Practices.  She currently works as a middle school counselor at Twin Valley Middle School in Berks County, PA.  Her passion is to empower students to make change for themselves and with peers using Restorative Practices.  She developed a restorative mediation program called, “Peacekeepers”, at TVMS where she trained students to facilitate restorative conferences with peers.  Jen has presented at the World Conference at IIRP and at the PA Middle Level Educators Conference on student empowerment.  She is also a licensed trainer for the International Institute for Restorative Practices for introduction restorative practices and circles training.