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ASEA - Redox Signaling Molecule (1 Case)

$130.00 $150.00

Give your cells what they need to stay healthy, youthful and energized!

With each sip of ASEA, Redox Signaling molecules helps restore balance to our cells, which allows cells to operate at maximum efficiency, by supporting the cells’ natural ability to protect, repair and replace themselves.

If you're athletic, you'll want these molecules to help you go farther faster and recover sooner. Get Asea to drink or in gel form (Renu 28 - $28 a tube) to put on strains, sprains, cuts and bruises.  (Does wonder for wrinkles and spider or vericose veins as well - as its job, after all,  is to repair the cells.) Redox signaling molecules also help burn adipose tissue even during regular day to day activity. You can order it directly at healthventures.teamasea.com

If you want the best price, it's worth enrolling to save $20 on each case (4 bottles).  For more information, call or email me at 602-663-7600 or [email protected]

“The perfect machine is the human cell. When we’re young and in good health our cells typically (produce enough Redox Signaling to) operate at virtually perfect efficiency, producing essential energy for the body and repairing itself whenever needed,” says Dr. Gary L. Samuelson, Ph.D., a leading Redox Signaling scientist and atomic/medical physicist. As we age our cells become less efficient."  

Drink ASEA to regain that cellular function from your youth.

100% Safe. Non-Toxic and NATIVE to the body!

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