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Imagine a world in which students can’t wait to go to school. A world in which children are eager to go to the library. Where they’re energized by the opportunity to thrive by being who they are, where they feel understood and encouraged to do what they do best and learn in ways that work for them. Imagine that in this world teachers and other professionals working with youth are free to do exactly the same thing.

Imagine a world in which  adults are able to communicate openly and honestly, not trying to be different than who they are, not using some sort of practiced approach that feels foreign, and where they don’t get to know and understand their students or children as human beings. 

Imagine a world in which students are not all being forced to do the same thing, in the same way, at the same time, where teaching happens in such a way that teachers and students thrive by having the freedom to be themselves. 

With the teacher’s and parental guidance, the students will learn to manage their learning process to meet educational goals. With an understanding of their conative needs, students will be able to approach a task in ways that works best for them.

Decades of research have shown that purposeful action is driven by the conative aspect of the mind which determines an individual’s natural methods of problem solving. When individuals are free to use their natural problem solving methods they are more effective and efficient. This program is based on conative truths, how people naturally take action when striving to succeed. The conative needs of the student and teacher are an assumptive part of the method, purpose, and process.

Our Youth Specialists™ at Inside Out Ventures guide teachers, parents, and students through understanding the conative part of the mind and how to apply that understanding in relevant and meaningful ways in classroom and family systems in which they learn and live.

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