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Special Needs

Special Needs Children, Families, and Caregivers

We empower and support special needs individuals and their families on their unique journey. We are Kolbe Certified™ Consultants who help guide you on a journey to your best paths to success. The good news is that you already have all you need for this adventure; you just need to hone the use of your natural strengths and apply them in meaningful ways.

Robin Munz leads the work with Special Needs at Inside out Ventures. She has worked for Kolbe Corp for more than 16 years; learning about the Conative dimension of our minds. Simultaneously, she helped her son navigate the world of Autism. At her son’s 3-year well child check-up, she learned her son had Autism. Launching into years of research, therapies, diets and IEP’s, her life changed forever, providing a new direction and a moral imperative to help her son thrive and be the best he could be. Knowing his natural way of taking action was one of the most helpful aspects in understanding and helping him.

Now more than ever Robin's passion is to help families navigate their special journey by providing consulting using the Kolbe A™ Index and helping people to apply that knowledge so that she can help their family get what they all need for success.

Everyone has an MO and everyone in your family has their own modus operandi (or MO for short) and it doesn’t change over time. A person’s MO is extremely hard to guess, but you can get clues by watching how then accomplish things or going about getting things done. Humans are complex beings, but your MO is at the very core of who you are. Knowing your MO can help you channel your mental energy productively, avoid stressful situations, and reduce conflict in your interactions.

Getting things done your own way feels effortless, rewarding and greatly reduces stress. It brings a contentment with being your most productive and efficient. If you can learn to leverage how you naturally do things, it will be pivotal in helping yourself and your family communicate and thrive with more ease and success.

Just think how effective you could be if you were empowered and free to be yourself. That’s the power of leveraging your natural instinctive strengths. Find out your MO by taking the Kolbe A™ index and learn your best way of getting things done:

- Improve communication

- Enhance collaboration

- Minimize stress

- Be your most productive self

We're passionate about supporting families to maximize their individual super powers:

- at home to understand, respect and appreciate your families own ways of being productive
- at school by helping your children get what they need; to fit their best way of learning
- at work so you can do things your most natural way and let others do it their way
- with your spouse to take the judgement out of communication, by understanding each-other's MO. To understand that others are not trying to stress you out, it is simply how they naturally need to get things done.
- as a parent to lose the stress and realize we all need to get it done our own way. Even if it means letting your kid’s study with music on.

Here’s to helping all the special needs people in this world and their loving families and supportive caregivers to shine their light and use their super powers to help navigate and impact the world in their own special way.


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