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Executive Leadership & Professional Development

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3 Dimensional Leadership Coaching & Team Development Powered by Human Instincts 

-  Kolbe™ Conative Indexing to Leverage Strengths, Build Capacity, and Lead from the Inside Out 

What are your strengths and talents?  How well does your team operate together?

Whether you’re an executive or front line team member, using the Kolbe System™ helps leverage the power of human instincts to accomplish organizational goals, hiring new employees, team-building or realigning responsibilities because of your organization’s growth. People perform their best when they’re free to trust their instincts. With the help of Kolbe™ online assessments and analytic software, we’ll use this age old truth to dramatically improve your organization.  Using the power of the 3 Dimensional Model (3 Parts of the Mind), Inside Out Ventures can help discover and utilize the strengths and natural abilities of each team member in developing professional excellence and leadership at every level. 

"Becoming aware of my own strengths and natural tendencies enables me to operate more 

in my own flow, work together more efficiently, and  handle conflict more productively."  

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Middle School Teacher, Phoenix AZ

 CEO, Team Leader, or Lead Teacher, there is a great need to have great leaders surrounding you. Cultivating leadership skills is an essential trajectory for professional development. Build a presence and mindset to lead your team or organization with greater confidence, authenticity, and ease.  Develop skills, attitudes, and communication practices that impact the positive culture of your team and ripple through your organization.  Be inspired and motivated as you build a greater capacity to lead with excellence - learn to lead from the inside out using 3 Parts of the Mind.

                                   Being coached by Celeste is like getting clear, easy to follow guidance from a wise friend. 

                                                Implementing the advice feels natural and is effective.     

                                                                                                           M. Richards, CEO 

 3 Parts of the Mind Model

      Cognitive - using mental processes - logic, judgement, reason, analysis, etc. 

      Affective - using perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions 

      Conative - using the will to perform, taking purposeful action using instinctual strengths. 

By using concepts and principles which focus on the 3 Parts of the Mind model, leaders can increase their own productivity with any other tools, strategies, programs, or models within the organization. Our approach distinguishes between leading and managing, and builds truly effective collaboration, and compassionate connective communication that initiates purposeful action. Employees at all levels reclaim the heart and soul of what it takes to lead and perform well. Both leaders and teams will increase in self-awareness and confidence, energy and productivity, and creativity and vision. 

Assessments include:

The Kolbe Conative Indexes provide information and strategies that will help leaders to harness more of their innate talents and strengths and put them to use when leading. 

Leadership Passion List provides an intentional focus and direction for the next best actions, skills, strategic thinking, and qualities to cultivate within the leader's role, department, team or scope of work.

Social Styles Assessment (Carl Jung) offers insight into behavior tendencies when interacting with others. To understand yourself and co-workers better when collaborating in any joint effort.

Core Conversations & Exploring Your Beliefs

     What beliefs are directing your behavior?  What beliefs are building excellence/sabotaging it?

      What new beliefs could I create to support a trajectory of success?

Identify and replace old beliefs which no longer serve you.  Create new beliefs through Core Conversations that will empower a new sense of well being, clarity, new behaviors, and ways of relating which will promote and maintain a culture of engagement, and take your performance to a whole new level.  Cultivate the power to excel with Core Conversations.

"I highly recommend Celeste as a coach and facilitator,

particularly for those of us who lead (coach and teach) and are

ready for increased ease, joy, and mirth on our own path of personal mastery. "

                                                                            Katie,  Intuitive Coach/Photographer

                                                                                      Retired Corporate Executive, Sedona, AZ


"Observing the ASWI Passion Test™ process was amazing and inspiring.  The Passion Test™ encouraged the women to collaborate and prioritize. At the end, I could feel the accomplishment, motivation, and excitement."  

                  Hannah, Assistant Administrator to the Board

Passion Test™ for Team Building

Use the Passion Test ™ process to create vision and mission statements, prioritize goals, work efficiently, problem solve or find direction and focus in developing as a leader.  By using a basic sorting process and engaging your energy from each of the three parts of the mind, your team can design and execute action steps, rise to meet challenges, and accomplish goals from an empowered,  collaborative and impassioned place.  

          "This process helped me reach inside myself to realize a goal not only for myself, but for my organization as a whole.

                                                                                                                        Sherese, Board Member

 Affiliate Educational Leadership Programs

After Cool Outdoors - Team Building in the Great Outdoors 

ACO offers single day to multi-day experiential learning trips throughout the state of Arizona.   Outdoor problem-solving challenges will be integrated throughout the program to address many of the aspects of building a community or team.  The activities are physically and emotionally safe and do not require any special physical abilities.  Creative Problem-Solving techniques will be used to draw out the participants’ creativity and apply it to real issues.  There will be discussion and dialogue for large and small groups and reflection time for individual learning.  These trips are beneficial for new teams as well as existing teams.

Inside Out Ventures and After Cool Outdoors join forces to create indoor/outdoor team building and other professional development programs tailor-made for teachers, administrative staffs, and students.

     1 Day Programs (On-site) - Start the school year or re-enter the second semester energized, engaged and ready to go. 

     Multiple Day Programs (Off site) - Immerse your team or staff in an experience that will energized and cultivate team synergy and set a clear course      for success.

     4-5 Day Outdoor Learning Programs for Students focus for upcoming learning cycles (quarters or semesters) by getting out in Nature.  

     Activities include, low ropes elements, team building and communication, eco-challenges, and academic learning session.