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What our customers are saying

We've learn​ed to lead from the inside out. Now our leadership team works together more easily, communicates more effectively, 

and collaborates more authentically.

Sara, Principal & 2017 Transformational Leader of the Year, AZ

I highly recommend Celeste Ross as a master coach and facilitator, particularly for those of us who also coach and teach and are ready for increased ease, and joy on your own path of personal mastery.

Katie, Intuitive Coach/Photographer

Retired Corporate Executive, Sedona, AZ

We’ve really enjoyed the Kolbe™ training... It’s been really helpful, for my husband and me (our relationship) as well as professionally.

Middle School Teacher, Scottsdale, AZ

Chandon is an excellent facilitator - very informative and thorough with explanations. His real life applications were very helpful.

Montessori Teacher, Phoenix, AZ

Celeste, you were excellent. We enjoyed your format and clarity of information. We learned a lot and appreciated the exercises to keep the energy level of participants.

Administrator, Montessori Middle School, Scottsdale, AZ

I worked with two different teams and team facilitators from After Cool Outdoors, Katie and Celeste. They were both excellent at moving the day along and providing insight into our activities and how we could apply those insights to our relationships with colleagues, parents and STUDENTS!

5th Grade Science Teacher, Phoenix, AZ

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