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Self-Care Matters (7-Week Course)

"What can I do to be well and stay well?"

Take the Self-Care Matters course and feel the power of being better able to care for yourself! Self-Care Matters is an online course to support you and your communities in developing high-levels of self-care. 

The course runs for 7 weeks and uses a 3 Parts of the Mind model and 5 Dimensions of Self-Care to simplify self-care and expand capacity for improved health and well-being in sustainable ways. In the face of the pandemic, your Self-Care Matters!

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Worksite Wellness Initiatives

Cultivate Thinking, Doing, and Being Well 

at your Workplace

Employee Wellness Training

Inside Out Ventures provides innovative customized approaches to cultivating organizational well-being with a focus on:

- Self-care and personal well-being impacting the organization

- Individual/team strengths and talents

- Leading and managing a workforce from a healthy place

- Communication and accountability skills

- Increased vitality, leadership, and a more positive team culture                 with decreased absenteeism.

- Greater self-awareness, confidence, and effective job performance

Break Room Boosters - What's in your break room?

- Energize your Workforce!

- Provide high-grade nutritional snacks (fuel) to restore energy levels 

   and mental focus

- Activate brain power and alertness through mindful movement


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