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Youth and Family


Kolbe Youth Empower™ Program and Learn Inside Out™

Imagine a world...

In which students can’t wait to learn...

In which youth feel understood and encouraged to do what they do best and to learn in ways that work best for them.. where individuals are free to use their own natural problem-solving talents and become more effective and efficient.

In which students are not all being forced to do the same thing, in the same way, at the same time, where teaching happens in such a way that teachers and students thrive by having the freedom to be themselves to accomplish their educational goals.

Children and adults will be more successful and feel better when they free up their "superpowers" to solve problems.

Help them find and use those superpowers by funding a YEP project in schools or communities across the United States.

Thank you!

"Learn who you are from the inside out and transform the World."

CJ Ross, Founder of Inside Out Ventures


To educate, coach, and provide transformational experiences that create confident, compassionate, and empowered youth to make their unique contributions in the world and lead us in building a more sustainable, harmonious future.

Learn Inside Out™

Learn Inside Out (LIO) is a small group of Kolbe Specialists committed to assisting youth, families, and educators to become more empowered, effective, and compassionate human beings. LIO uses the Youth Empower™ Program (YEP) to help youth improve learning outcomes, lead successful lives, and make significant contributions which impact their fellow humans and the world at large.

Youth Empower™ Program (YEP) Results:

‣ improved student confidence and success, and parent/youth relationships

‣ shifts in use of mental energies, states of self-awareness, and well-being,

‣ the fostering of suicide prevention through self-efficacy.

LIO guides teachers, parents, and students through understanding the conative part of the mind and how to apply that understanding in relevant and meaningful ways within the learning environments and family systems in which they live and learn. When educators, adults, and family members understand their own unique abilities and talents, they can in turn then more effectively and compassionately help youth with theirs. As youth become more self-aware and confident in using their natural abilities, they will be better equipped to successfully solve problems and create evermore healthy ways of being, thinking, and doing in order to navigate their academic learning and social environments.

Components of the Youth Empower™ Program

‣ Student Aptitude Quiz™ - validates Authentic Abilities

‣ Kolbe Self-Efficacy™ Metric - Identifies levels of confidence

‣ OPgig® Career Program - Optimal Career Options

OPgig rates 1200+ careers by probability of success, where people's natural abilities and strengths will be valued.

‣ Individual Coaching - One-to-one coaching specific to areas of needs

‣ Group Discussion - Group presentation and discussion with:

- Students/educators in school or youth project setting.

- Discussion with family members in private settings.

‣ Digital Messaging - Tips and reminders to stay on track

- Test-Taking Tips

- How to Lower Stress Reports

With the teacher’s and parental guidance, the students will learn to navigate and manage their particular learning process in order to meet educational goals. With an understanding of their conative needs, students will be able to approach a task in ways that work best for them.

Decades of research have shown that purposeful action is driven by the conative aspect of the mind which determines an individual’s authentic abilities and natural methods of problem solving. When individuals are free to use their natural ways of doing, they are more effective and efficient, and grow their own self-efficacy (belief in their abilities to act, accomplish, and succeed.

This program is based on conation - how people naturally take action when striving to succeed or complete a task or project. The conative needs of the student and teacher are a significant part of the method, purpose, and process of this program.

Our Kolbe Youth Specialists™ at Inside Out Ventures' youth division, Learn Inside Out, guide teachers, parents, and students through understanding the conative part of the mind and how to apply that understanding in relevant and meaningful ways within the environments and family systems in which they live and learn.


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